20 Feb to 26 Feb 2017 – Easing into the taper… and hammer time!

The taper has started! All those long runs will be getting not-as-long and my Saturdays won’t be dominated by brutal interval workouts… but it does mean that the actual marathon is getting very close.

The runs get a lot shorter from here. My longest this week is ‘only’ 21km, which by this point is something I feel I can run almost without thinking. Sure I’ll be eating those words around 16km though!

For some reason I set the Freeletics Coach to four sessions when I generated the new week. Shouldn’t really be doing that many on the taper, which is why I dealt with one at the end of the previous week. Three sessions to get through now.



A rest day. Headed into work early and managed to everything on my day’s to-do list ticked off. Went for Vietnamese food and a talk on the future of newspapers at the London School of Economics in the evening.



Just a 11.5km tempo run today. I started with a quick warm-up running through the streets of London. I run home by Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament so a lot of the first part of my run is spent dodging commuters and tourists, most of whom never look up from their phones.

Somehow I managed to hit my target of 10km at 4:50/km despite the Assassin’s Creed-style weaving in and out of crowds. Quite an enjoyable run, once I was out of central London.

Halfway home I decided to complete a Freeletics day when I got home but a frustrating trip to the supermarket (why have they all ran out of food?) delayed me. I’ll have to do it tomorrow, as originally planned.



A tough day from the Freeletics Coach, which followed a frustrating day at work.

First up was 3/4 of the standard Venus workout – so that’s three sets of 50 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and 50 deep squats. I flew through the first set, was a little slower on the second and was broken by the third. It was the push-ups – those final 50 took ages and I only just got through them. I imagine the full four sets is a killer.

That was followed by two 400m sprints. Given all the running I’m doing at the moment, that wasn’t too daunting but still left me pretty drained. I gave both sprints everything I had and was left panting afterwards.

Two more days of Coach to go! Next week I’ll be dropping down to just two days all week, as part of the taper.



An unexpected rest day as Storm Doris blew in and ruined the transport home from work. The only option was to hole up in a pub with the wife then go for Japanese food. Home too late for the planned Freeletics workout.



Crazy busy at work and the in-laws visiting for the weekend but I got back home later than planned. Still had time for a quick workout, tucked away in the bedroom. Did 10 burpees, endurance Persephone (HH lunges, sprawls and HH leg raises) and finished it off with 25 push-ups. Sweaty but it helped to get rid of the day’s stresses.



Squeezed in a fast 3km as a warm-up then finished off the Freeletics week with 26 lunges and an endurance set. Five rounds of 20 split lunges, 10 bicycle crunches, 30 mountain climbers and 14 plank knee-to-elbows. Did another 25 push-ups because I like push-ups.



I smashed my ankle with a hammer! Two weeks before the marathon and I whack a heavy piece of steel into a critical joint.

The storm earlier this week knocked over a couple of fence panels so I was breaking them up. Then slipped with the hammer and drove it into the side of my ankle.

It hurts. My 21km run ended after 79m because of the pain. I really hope this hasn’t ruined by chances in Barcelona… Looks like I have a bit of a last-minute cacth-up week ahead of me.


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