27 Feb to 5 Mar 2017 – That marathon is getting close

Last week was another where my carefully worked out training plan was derailed by unforeseen circumstances. Let’s hope this one ends up being a little better.

It feels like there’s barely any running to do this week – the longest run is only 13km. The Freeletics Coach made up for it though, by giving me 3 sets of the brutal Kentauros workout.

There’s an additional Freeletics problem. I think next week will be one with some Hell Days – not ideal just before a marathon.

So now I need to rush through the current week ASAP and try to fit in those Hell Days over the weekend… thus leaving me with the following recovery week to led me into the marathon.

The alternative plan is to leave the Hell Days until after the marathon is out of the way, rather than risk completely wiping myself out just days before a 26.2-mile run.



Nothing too serious with today’s training. First up was a Freeletics conditioning interval that focused on the legs and abs. Then the standard Morpheus workout – push-ups, lunges and star jumps. It felt like quite an easy day, but I know the week gets harder from here.



A 13km run home from work. It’s been a week since my last proper run so this was a little harder than it should have been. But still, it was so much easier than the horrible 32km I had to do a few weeks ago. I am starting to get a little bored of my route home now, so will probably start looking for a different one after the marathon.



Rest day!



The one I’ve been dreading – 3/6 standard Kentauros, done as the 2×2 version. The day at work had been busy and I had a pounding headache with nausea. But decided to push through, mainly to test out some new workout clothes.
That’s one tough workout and I only had to do half of it! The burpees nearly killed me. Why so many burpees?!



Rest day. Or cheat day, really. A meeting in the pub that turned into Friday night drinks.



A mild hangover to deal with but nothing that derailed the day.

First up was a Freeletics full-body endurance session, which involved annoying standups. These are likely reverse burpees. Maybe they’re a little less painful but more frustrating to get through.

Then a 1/5 standard Aphrodite so 50 burpees, 50 sit-ups and 50 squats. So happy it wasn’t the full version.

Finally for the Freeletics sessions, an 800m sprint. Fine.

I had a 15 minute break and then headed out for a 8km run, done at a decent pace. There’s no more long runs left in the marathon plan now – the next one is only 6km!



The first of the three Freeletics Hell Days. The Coach gave me standard Apollon – 25 burpees, 400m sprint, 50 squats and 400m sprint, repeated three times.

I went to a nearby park in the rain. The combination of burpees, squats and sprints means you’re doing three of the most effective exercises in one tough workout. It really gets the heart going and left me pretty drained afterwards.



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