6 Mar – 12 Mar 2017: And the marathon arrives…

The final week of training and then Sunday brings the 2017 Barcelona Marathon!

This is a taper week so there’s nothing too strenuous going on here, aside from a couple of Freeletics Hell Days. So long as they are finished a few days before the marathon, it should be fine.

I can’t believe it’s almost here… It seems like an age ago when I started my training. For the most part, it’s gone well. I’ve stuck the schedule and have been relativity injury-free. 

My knee is still something of a worry but I’m sure a combination of adrenaline, a supporting brace and, if needed, painkillers will get me through.

Here we go…


Rest day!


The Freeletics Hell Days continue. Today it was endurance Apollon, the 2×2 version. So similar to the workout at the weekend, only with slightly easier versions of the exercises and the 400m sprints replaced with 50 crunches and 100 star jumps. It made me sweat but wasn’t too challenging. 


Went out for a 7km run, done at a pace little faster than my planned marathon pace. It was an enjoyable run. I’m actually looking forward to running the marathon now.

When that was done I decided to finish the final Hell Day. A standard Persephone, which is based around lunges, burpees and leg raises. Knocked out quite quickly and without issue. Next week, please Coach!


Rest day!


Travelling to Barcelona for the run! No time for proper exercise but plenty of walking and a short resistance band workout.


The gentlest of 5kms just to keep things ticking over ahead of tomorrow’s 42.2km.

Then a morning of hanging around the expo and a little too much wandering around Barcelona.

Can’t believe the marathon is tomorrow!

After a difficult night’s sleep – the pre-race nerves hit me at 22:00 – I got up at 06:00 to prepare for the Barcelona Marathon.

I’ll do a full write-up later but the quick version is that I ran it in 03:54.01. Comfortably below my 04:00 target, even though my knee injury kicked in like clockwork at 11km.

Very happy with my time and so proud of my brother for doing sub-03:45 on his first attempt.


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