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Veggie sausage, squash and kale casserole

The winter is drawing to a close (I hope) but there’s still to run through a few of those hearty dishes that only work when it’s freezing outside and there’s nothing better than being indoors with a steaming plate of stew.

The key to this dish is finding the right vegetarian sausages – a quest which I’m still very much on. Vegetarian sausages are about as hit and miss as their meat equivalents, so don’t stop try if you aren’t happy with the first ones you find in the shops. In a future post, I might taste test a selection of the more readily available choices out there.

Another element of this casserole, albeit optional, is Henderson’s Relish. It’s an amazing condiment that enhances savoury flavours and brings another level of depth to dishes like this; try it if you can. Continue reading


Welcome to The Better Me Manifesto

Not ANOTHER health & fitness blog! There must be millions out there and here’s a new one from an ordinary guy, competing against all those muscle-bound supermen and toned, glowing models. Why?

I’m not a personal trainer. I wasn’t even into sports growing up, being more of a bookish type. I still look like a skinny nerd and can’t kick a football. I’m not a nutritionist. Much as I try to eat healthy, there’s still too many pizzas and curries creeping in for me to make out I’m a paragon of virtue.

Aside from compulsory PE lessons, the only kind of sport I did growing up was karate. I loved it – trained three times a week, lived and breathed martial arts, won a few competitions and got my black belt when I was 15. Continue reading