West African peanut stew

wp-1487516358009.jpgThe idea of combining ingredients like peanuts and tomatoes might seem a little strange at first, but this West African dish taste so good.

The stew is packed with veggies – this version has peppers, carrots and celery in it – but it would work with many other additions. Collard greens or a sweet potato are two that jump out as being good options for this stew.

I love making a big batch of this for lunch at work.  It gives you about one-third of your daily protein and dietary fibre as well as a whopping 184% of your vitamin C, although the peanuts mean that it has quite a lot of fat in it. Continue reading


13 Feb to 19 Feb 2017 – Hitting the marathon training peak!

mountain-peakAfter this week is out of the way, I’m into my taper and then there’s just the small matter of actually running the marathon in March. I’m looking forward to three relatively easy weeks ahead of me.

Last week was a cheat one. I did quite a bit of bodyweight training but was easy on the legs because I was worried about my knee. That meant this week was going to be especially hard, what with a 32km run appearing in it!

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Spicy black bean burgers

For me, the burger is one of the most perfect foods imaginable – a flavoursome patty in a bun, topped off with cheese, red onion, tomato, pickle, sauce and about million other possible ingredients.   

The hardest thing about cutting meat out of my diet is the danger of never eating a burger again.  Luckily, and who’d have thought it, perfectly tasty burgers can be made without going near meat using beans, lentils and vegetables.

The following burger makes use of one of my favourite ingredients – black beans. They taste great, can be worked into a burger shape with ease and are packed full of nutrients. – especially protein, which is handy for the vegetarian athlete, and fibre.

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Barcelona Marathon in sight


The Barcelona Marathon is now just one month away. How did it get so close?

One of the nice things about the race will be running in the spring. Safely out of winter but long before the full heat of summer arrives, Barcelona’s average temperature in March in spring is 15C. That sounds just about right for running 42.2km without a break.

But to get to the point of running a spring marathon, you have to all of your training through winter. I’ve ran 467km since the start of November as training and the temperature has been dropping as low as -4C. Continue reading

Welcome to The Better Me Manifesto

Not ANOTHER health & fitness blog! There must be millions out there and here’s a new one from an ordinary guy, competing against all those muscle-bound supermen and toned, glowing models. Why?

I’m not a personal trainer. I wasn’t even into sports growing up, being more of a bookish type. I still look like a skinny nerd and can’t kick a football. I’m not a nutritionist. Much as I try to eat healthy, there’s still too many pizzas and curries creeping in for me to make out I’m a paragon of virtue.

Aside from compulsory PE lessons, the only kind of sport I did growing up was karate. I loved it – trained three times a week, lived and breathed martial arts, won a few competitions and got my black belt when I was 15. Continue reading