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6 Mar – 12 Mar 2017: And the marathon arrives…

The final week of training and then Sunday brings the 2017 Barcelona Marathon!

This is a taper week so there’s nothing too strenuous going on here, aside from a couple of Freeletics Hell Days. So long as they are finished a few days before the marathon, it should be fine.

I can’t believe it’s almost here… It seems like an age ago when I started my training. For the most part, it’s gone well. I’ve stuck the schedule and have been relativity injury-free. 

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27 Feb to 5 Mar 2017 – That marathon is getting close

Last week was another where my carefully worked out training plan was derailed by unforeseen circumstances. Let’s hope this one ends up being a little better.

It feels like there’s barely any running to do this week – the longest run is only 13km. The Freeletics Coach made up for it though, by giving me 3 sets of the brutal Kentauros workout.

There’s an additional Freeletics problem. I think next week will be one with some Hell Days – not ideal just before a marathon.

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20 Feb to 26 Feb 2017 – Easing into the taper… and hammer time!

The taper has started! All those long runs will be getting not-as-long and my Saturdays won’t be dominated by brutal interval workouts… but it does mean that the actual marathon is getting very close.

The runs get a lot shorter from here. My longest this week is ‘only’ 21km, which by this point is something I feel I can run almost without thinking. Sure I’ll be eating those words around 16km though!

For some reason I set the Freeletics Coach to four sessions when I generated the new week. Shouldn’t really be doing that many on the taper, which is why I dealt with one at the end of the previous week. Three sessions to get through now.

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Barcelona Marathon in sight


The Barcelona Marathon is now just one month away. How did it get so close?

One of the nice things about the race will be running in the spring. Safely out of winter but long before the full heat of summer arrives, Barcelona’s average temperature in March in spring is 15C. That sounds just about right for running 42.2km without a break.

But to get to the point of running a spring marathon, you have to all of your training through winter. I’ve ran 467km since the start of November as training and the temperature has been dropping as low as -4C. Continue reading